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Zink Hydro Massage Bathtub

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The walk-in bathtub has been created to improve your bathroom experience while also adding convenience and safety. This bathtub’s dimensions of 1350(53″)*700(28″)*1010(40″)mm make it spacious enough for a relaxing dip while still fitting in most bathroom areas. For longevity, our walk-in bathtubs are manufactured of premium acrylic. This substance is ideal for frequently used tubs since it is extremely durable and resistant to wear and strain. Additionally, the material is simple to keep and clean, guaranteeing your tub will continue to seem brand new for years to come. But what really distinguishes our walk-in tub is its use. You won’t have to worry about climbing over high edges to enter this tub because it features an accessible door. Our tubs are the perfect choice for people with restricted mobility or for those who just like the added convenience of walk-in access because of this feature. We are sure that this item will surpass your expectations and end up being a cherished feature in your house.


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Seniors and individuals with limited mobility can bathe securely and comfortably thanks to walk-in baths. The bathtub has a waterproof door that makes it simple to enter without scaling the tub wall. The walk-in tub has a built-in bench, grab bars, and non-slip surfaces, and the water level is readily adjustable. Additionally, some models have air and water jets that can be used for hydrotherapy and calming massages. Typically deeper than normal bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs may fit persons of all sizes. Overall, walk-in bathtubs offer those with limited mobility a safe, practical, and soothing bathing experience.


Walk-in tubs are a fantastic alternative for individuals who are thinking about remodeling their bathrooms. You may easily convert your standard bathtub into a walk-in tub without significantly altering the design of your bathroom. Your daily routine will be made easier, and your entire quality of life will be improved by the comfort, safety, and convenience of a walk-in tub. Senior Living - Falls, stumbles, and slips happen more frequently to senior people in bathrooms. Seniors who want to keep their independence and safety while bathing can benefit from walk-in bathtubs. To avoid slips and falls when going in and out of the tub, they have low-threshold entryways, grab bars, and non-slip surfaces. Additionally, the hydrotherapy characteristics of walk-in tubs help increase mobility and relieve sore joints and muscles. Athletic training: Walk-in bathtubs aren't exclusively for the elderly. They have therapeutic benefits that athletes can also take advantage of. After an accident, hydrotherapy can assist to lessen swelling, hasten healing, and improve recovery. It can also be utilized to unwind after a protracted, demanding workout.

Product Details

Warranty: 3 Years Guarantee Armrest: Yes
Faucet: Included Bathtub Accessory: Armrests
After-sale Service Online Technical Support, Onsite Installation Style: Freestanding
Length: <1.5m Project Solution Capability: Graphic Design,Total Solution for Projects
Application: Hotel, Indoor Tub Design Style: Modern
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Model Number: K502
Material: Acrylic Function: Soaking
Installation Type: 3-Wall Alcove Drain Location: Reversible
Item: Hydrotherapy Spa Usage: Usage: Bathroom Washroom
Size: 1350(53")*700(28")*1010(40")mm MOQ: 1 Piece
Packing: Wooden Crate Color: White Color
Certification: CUPC Type: Spa Whirlpool Spa Bath

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