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Zink Adults Skin Spa Machine Walk-In Tub Shower Combo With Seat

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Our ground-breaking walk-in tub is made of premium acrylic and intended to offer elderly people, people with limited mobility, and people recovering from accidents a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. The most cutting-edge features, like the rapid water filling and draining system, make it simpler to adjust the water depth and temperature to one’s preferences in this 1400(55″)x910(36″)x1010(40″)mm size bathtub. The oxygen-enriched system guarantees an improved and revitalizing spa experience, encouraging rest and renewal. This walk-in tub has a revolutionary PC door instead of conventional stainless steel or aluminum doors, which is not only more durable but also more adaptable, allowing clients to select from a variety of color options to match their bathroom decor. The doors have a straightforward push-pull mechanism that makes opening and closing them a breeze. With grab bars for added stability and support and non-slip surfaces, our walk-in tubs are made with safety in mind. Seniors and carers can easily enter and exit the tub because it is conveniently height-adjustable.


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An accessible bathtub is one that has a walk-in door. With a lower threshold, a waterproof door, and additional safety features for those with mobility impairments, it performs similarly to a regular bathtub. The tub can be used instead of an existing bathtub and allows the user to go in and sit down on an integrated seat instead than having to climb over an elevated edge. Before turning on the water, the door can be sealed shut to prevent leaks. To improve the experience, some versions come with extras like heated surfaces, hydrotherapy jets, and air bubbles.For those who struggle to properly enter and exit a conventional bathtub, walk-in tubs are very useful.


People with impairments or mobility issues should use walk-in bathtubs because they make bathing safer and more pleasant. As they offer simple access and lower the risk of slips and falls, they are also well-liked by the elderly population. Additionally, walk-in tubs are a popular option for people trying to unwind and relieve stress because they may be utilized for therapeutic activities like hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Additionally, walk-in bathtubs can be used in spas, hospitals, and other establishments where patient and visitor convenience and safety are of utmost importance.

Product Details

Warranty: 3 Years Guarantee Armrest: Yes
Faucet: Included Bathtub Accessory: Armrests
After-sale Service Online Technical Support, Onsite Installation Style: Freestanding
Length: <1.5m Project Solution Capability: Graphic Design,Total Solution for Projects
Application: Hotel, Indoor Tub Design Style: Modern
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Model Number: K503
Material: Acrylic Function: Massage
Massage Type: Combo Massage(Air &Hydro) Keywords: Elderly Bathtub
Size: 1400(55")x910(36")x1010(40")mm MOQ: 1 Piece
Packing: Wooden Crate Color: White Color
Certification: CUPC Type: Free-standing Bathtub
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