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Do the doors leak?

The water leakage prevention of the door is realized by the silicone seal above the door, and the service life of the silicone seal is 2-5 years.
Within the service life, generally will not leak, if there is a leak, please check the following places:
1.Please make sure the level of the cylinder plane to prevent the silicone seal surface from distortion and leakage.
2.Whether there is something dirty on the seal, if there is, please clean it up.
3.Check whether there is any debris on the door and the contact bit of the seal, if there is, please clean it up.
4.Check whether there is any debris on the cylinder and the seal contact position, if there is, please clean it up.
5.If there is no problem above, please replace the silicone seal.

Does the bathtub leak electricity?

1.Only when the use of electrical appliances, and electricity, such as hydro massage (water pump), bubble massage (air pump), underwater lights, etc..
2.The pump and wind pump are water and electricity isolated, there is no problem of leakage inside the water.
3.Underwater lights for 12V, for safety voltage.

Bathtub constant temperature can generally keep how long?

1.When you put water in the bathtub to take a bath, the overall water temperature is lower than the water temperature because the temperature of the tank and the bathroom is lower than the temperature of the water, after putting full water.
will drop 1-3℃. At this time, the temperature of the tank and bathroom temperature and the temperature of the water formed a relative equilibrium state.
2.In the case of relatively closed bathroom, bathing for 30 minutes, the water temperature drops 0.5 ℃.

Drainage time how long?

1.To drain 320L for example, the drain to 50mm pipe.
2.Single drain time of about 150 seconds.
3.Drainage time of about 100 seconds for double drains.

How long does it take for a 4-pipe and 6-pipe five-piece to get into the water? Is there a faster way to enter the water?

1. Water intake conditions: customers provide storage type electric water heater + 3 atmospheric pressure (0.3MPa) water pressure, into the water 320L.
2. Ordinary faucet (4-pipe) into the water, water intake time in about 25 minutes.
3. High-flow (6-pipe) water intake, water intake time is about 13 minutes.
4. Thermostatic water storage tank + inverter pump water intake mode: water intake time within 90 seconds.

How long can the door bathtub seal last and will the company replace it if it breaks?

In general, the waterproof seal of the door can be used for 3-5 years. If the use of time is too long when the water leakage, you can replace the waterproof seal.

What details are communicated before placing an order? What do I need to know about the bathroom size and opening the bathtub?

1. The height, weight, shoulder width and hip width of the person using it.
2. The width of all the doors to be entered, to make sure the bathtub can go in.
3. The position of hot and cold water and drainage port, the installation of hot and cold water and drainage will not conflict with the tank.
4. There are electrical appliances to pay attention to the location of electrical outlets, to ensure that there will be no conflict with the cylinder.
5. The outer door bathtub should pay attention to the opening and closing of the door, do not conflict with the washbasin and toilet.

Is it easy to install the bathtub?

1.The company has professional installation instructions for open-door bathtubs, which can be installed by ordinary installation masters according to the instructions.
2. Some matters to be noted when installing the open door bathtub:
A) Before installation, please determine the location of hot water, cold water, electricity (if electricity is used) and drainage port.
B) The back of the cylinder should be fixed to the wall as much as possible.
C) The surface of the cylinder must be leveled, otherwise the door may leak.

Does the company provide the bathtub parts when they are broken?

If they are not damaged by human beings, they can be replaced for free within the warranty period. Outside the warranty period, replacement is free of charge.

How long can the general bathtub use? Open door bathtub warranty years?

1.Under the condition of not human damage, the tub can be used for 7-10.
2.The warranty period of the product is: 5 years for the body and door, 2 years for the silicone on the door.

Is it delivered to my door or do I need to pick it up?

It is possible to do so at the customer's request. If the customer does not specifically request it, it will be delivered to your door.