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Zink Acrylic Elder Bath Tub Whirlpool Massage Jetted

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The latest and greatest in bathroom luxury and safety – our Walk-in Tub Acrylic with safety armrests and headrests, and a dual massage function with hydro and bubble! This innovative and exceptional tub has been designed to provide the ultimate in relaxation, comfort, and safety, making it the perfect addition to any home. Not only does our Walk-in Tub Acrylic have a sleek and modern design that will compliment any bathroom decoration, but it also comes equipped with numerous safety features to ensure that every bath is a worry-free experience. The safety armrests and headrests provide additional support and stability, helping to prevent accidents caused by slips and falls, while the anti-slip surface of the base ensures no one will lose their footing. With our dual massage function, you can indulge in the ultimate spa experience, right in the comfort of your own home. The hydro and bubble massages work together to provide a sensational and rejuvenating experience, delivering countless benefits such as releasing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.


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A special soaking air bubble massage system in the walk-in tub offers a soothing and therapeutic experience. Your body is gently massaged by the air bubbles, which also eases your muscles and joints. You'll benefit from a restorative experience that will leave you feeling renewed.
The Walk-in Tub has a hydro-massage system in addition to the air bubble massage system. This hydro-massage system employs water jets to target particular body parts, giving you a more intense and concentrated massage. In many illnesses, such as arthritis, sciatica, and persistent back pain, the hydro-massage is especially helpful for reducing discomfort and fostering healing.
There is no need to wait around for the tub to empty because the walk-in tub has a quick drainage system that makes sure the water drains out promptly after usage. The safety feature of the grab rails gives you the assurance you need to utilize the tub securely by offering extra assistance while getting in or out.
The walk-in tub is also excellent for hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a type of medical care that makes use of water to treat the symptoms of specific illnesses. The hot tub's heated water encourages blood circulation, lessens inflammation, and provides pain relief. Seniors, those with impairments, and anybody else who wishes to benefit from hydrotherapy should use the walk-in tub.


1) Aging in Place: Many senior citizens choose to age in place and live independently, but this can be difficult for those who have mobility problems or have chronic pain. A walk-in tub can offer a convenient and safe method to take a bath without running the danger of tripping or falling. As the warm water can assist to soothe tight muscles and joints, it's also a terrific approach to ease joint pain and stiffness.
2) Rehabilitation: A walk-in tub can be a great tool for rehabilitation if you or a loved one is recovering from an injury or surgery. In the bathtub, you can perform low-impact exercises that can improve your range of motion, flexibility, and strength. If you have restricted movement owing to a cast or brace, the buoyancy of the water may also be able to assist you move more freely.
3) Accessibility A walk-in tub offers an accessible and respectable means of bathing for those with impairments. The built-in safety mechanisms ensure that you may bathe independently and safely, and you can move from a wheelchair or mobility device into the tub without help. Additionally, the tub's roomy interior offers plenty of space for movement, which is crucial if you need assistance from a caregiver.

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